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Lighted Outdoor Stairs

Custom Projects

Every project is customized to each customer's needs, but some are a bit more customized! 

If you can dream it, we can do it!

From custom fireplaces to in-ground trampolines!

Block Gas Firepit
Firepit Water

Looking for the perfect feature piece in your outdoor space? 

Heat things up with a custom made to your style gas or wood burning firepit!

Wondering whether to go gas or wood burning?


For many homeowners, the decision between gas and wood-burning outdoor fireplace lighting comes down to the space available to accommodate this luxurious yet family-friendly feature, but there are a few ways for you to show off your fiery side.

Burning wood logs are one option. Faux logs or stones with gas flame are other alternatives. Maybe you love the sounds and smells of wood-burning fire. It’s important to consider your property’s prevailing wind direction when planning the location of your fire element. Wood-burning fire pits or fireplaces can create a lot of smoke depending on the wood you burn.

Natural or propane gas is somewhat easier to control. It is also considered “cleaner” and requires less ventilation and draft to burn correctly. With propane, you don't get that "campfire smell', which might be much more up your alley! 

Poolside Fireplace
Countryside Fireplace

Looking for that WOW factor in your outdoor space? 

Enjoy more time outdoors extending the days into the evenings and lengthen the seasons. From the early spring into the fall, you will be able to enjoy every moment of your time outside with a beautiful outdoor fireplace.

Now how do you decide between the two?! 

Choosing between a fire pit or fireplace is highly dependent on your personal wants. The main question is, are you looking for a great space for groups and entertainment or a cozy, quiet spot? If you are looking for a good source of heat, a fireplace will be more your style. Fireplaces put off a strong heat in one direction, making it the perfect addition for quiet contemplation outside, in any weather. But, if you are looking for a space for entertainment and conversation, a fire pit is the way to go!  

Pool Lighting

Illuminate the beauty in your outdoor space. 

Everyone enjoys viewing a beautifully landscaped space, and landscape lighting helps to complete the picture!

Homeowners and business owners alike appreciate the benefits of professionally installed lighting equipment. Showcase your favorite features, light up paths and enhance the view while adding protection to the property. Beautifully done lighting can be the icing on the cake while setting a whole new atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Custom Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Feature Lighting

Our team will guide you as we create your lighting plan from proper placement to great esthetics. The correct choices mean you’re able to secure your property from potential intruders while showcasing the beauty of your other landscape elements at night.

Outdoor Water Feature
Custom Yard Sign

Do you have some UNIQUE ideas

for a project?

Contact us today to get a quote for your custom project. Fun and unique is our specialty, and we want to help make your dream property a reality.

 Water features to beautiful yard signs,

we can do it!

Inground Trampoline
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